Su Vino Winery: Goodness in Grapevine

su-vino-winery-logoOn recent sunny Sunday afternoon, I was able to sneak away to walk Main Street in Grapevine. My plan was to find a bottle at Off the Vine, but didn’t realize they are closed on Sunday. Walking further down the strip, I ended up at Su Vino Winery, on the corner of Northwest Highway and Main Street.

Su Vino imports white juice and red juice, skin and pip pulp from primary growth regions like California, Argentina and Spain. The wine is then produced and aged on site, understandably, because of space and humidity considerations, in stainless. All the wine I saw for sale was under the Su Vino label.

Although I love to experience all types of wine, I admittedly didn’t hold high hopes for wine produced and aged in Grapevine, particularly the red aged in stainless. But a quick tasting of four Su Vino reds proved surprisingly pleasant. Of the four, only one lived down to my preconceived concern, while the others held up.

The first taste was of Su Vino’s new Traill Boss red blend of Malbec and Tempranillo. This is a medium body wine where the Aregentine Malbec fruit has predominance over over the leather and tobacco characteristics of the Tempranillo, but with a lower acidity that provides for a slight reference to the Temp’s jug wine history. If you are looking for a red with structure and dark red fruit of a Cabernet, this will disappoint you. If you are looking for a table wine that will be acceptable to a really wide variety of tastes, especially on pasta night, this is a solid selection.

The second pour was the Cabernet Sauvignon. I picked this specifically to see if a locally-produced stainless Cab could really stand up to its California counterparts. For the most part, it did. This Cab showed the kind of ripe black cherry and earthy plum hints that your might find in a Central California or Paso Robles Cabernet and I found it to have really nice balance given aging in stainless. There was slight greenness on the back palate and shorter finish than I like, but for the most part this Cab is a nice value at the price.

The third taste was the best one of the group: the Malbec. WIth grapes imported from Argentina, the color of the Su Vino Malbec was lighter than you might expect from this varietal. Hints of blueberry and savory plum with a touch of pepper matched with soft tannins make this a highly drinkable wine and a good value. I bought a bottle of the Malbec to bring home and found that bottle to be consistent with the tasting.

The final pour was the only clinker of the group: the Pinot Noir. There was far too much new oak on the nose and in the mouth to get to the actual characteristics of this wine. This is the only one of the four tastes that had I not known how the wines were produced I might have suspected stainless aging with floated oak chips.

If you are in the area of Main Street in Grapevine, I recommend a stop at Su Vino. In addition to some good wines, the atmosphere is casual and fun, they carry a variety of wine gifts and the service is friendly and helpful. I hope to be back soon to give their whites a try.

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