Bra-mar-e, Whoa-Oh-Oh Oh!

I remember the television commercial where the announcer rattled off a list of muscle car features and then the music broke into the dramatic chorus of “Volare, Whoa-Oh-Oh Oh.” A few posts back I wrote of our recent visit to the Paul Hobbs winery in Sebastapol. While there, we purchased and brought home a bottle of his Argentine Bramare Chardonnay (Vino Cabos Chardonnay Mendoza Bramare Marchiori Vineyard 2010). We opened it last week and on the first sip I felt like busting out in my own rendition of “Bramare, Whoa-Oh-Oh Oh!”bramarechardonnay

I love a good Chardonnay and my tastes tend to tilt to the oak and butter side of the varietal. The Bramare had plenty of both. The Bramare nose is clean and fresh, with rich vanilla and citrus. In the mouth, the wine is soft and creamy with predominant notes of smooth pineapple, green apple and lemon. The finished is extended and there is the right amount of acid to leave me wanting more.

At a release price of $35, this is an incredible value given the quality. With a lower production level of just a few hundred cases, however, it is harder to find than a rank-and-file Chard. It’s worth the effort to seek it out. (A)

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