Host a Wine Tasting

Hosting a wine tasting is a wonderful way for friends, coworkers or organizations to get together to enjoy, experience and learn more about the drink dubbed poetry in a bottle. Conducted in a casual, interactive and fun environment, whether in a home or at an event, each tasting is custom crafted to meet the desires, tastes and budget of the host and guests.

I am Wine & Sprits Education Trust Level II Certified and an independent wine educator who facilitates tastings in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. That means that, unlike retailers or distributors, I don’t represent brands or sell wines. This leaves me free to select from any wine available in the state, ensuring the tasting can be designed with no other goal in mind than providing an extraordinary experience. It also means there is no sales pressure heaped on guests to buy wine at the end of the event.

The four types of tasting most often conducted are:

The Wine Primer. This session introduces the basics of wine production and the factors that affect the quality of wines along with how to appreciate great wine without spending a ton of money. We select a couple of core red and white varietals as examples and compare two very different styles of the same varietal for each.

A Veritable Varietal. Love Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Noir. We can design a tasting that highlights a single varietal that you would love to learn more about. The tasting includes different bottles of the same varietal as it is produced in different parts of the world and in different styles and price ranges. We have also done this event based on broader styles like sparking wines or Rosé wines instead of a single varietal.

Regional Props. Going to a wine region and want to learn more about it and what to look for when you are there? Or, just want to dive deeper into a region you already love or want to learn more about? This event covers the wines from a specific region (like Napa, Burgundy or Tuscany), including what makes that region unique (climate, soil, production techniques), what varietals the region produces and of course tastes of some of the best wines the region has to offer.

Blind tastings. This may be the most fun of all the events. Your guests are given a varietal and price range (like Cabernets under $40) and each brings a bottle. We hide all the labels and everyone tastes, rates and describes each wine. Prizes go to the guests who brought the highest scoring bottles. Includes a short education session on what to look for in the tastings and how to properly score them and ends with a entertaining recap of the most, um, “creative” descriptions.

The cost for a wine tasting party or event is $150 – $300 plus the actual cost of the wines for the event. The fee includes:

  • A consultation to select the event format and the unique wines that will meet your tastes and budget
  • Sourcing of the wines from local distributors or retailers
  • A one- to three-hour tasting event in the chosen format
  • Glassware for up to 20 people
  • Event materials, which could include education sheets, tasting scorecards or small prizes

If you are interested in hosting a wine tasting or learning more, please contact me at: